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The automobile logistics specialist uses a battery-powered low-deck truck for long-distance services for the first time

Bocholt, 23 October 2023 – A lower chassis and battery-powered too – they are the main features of a new generation of emission-free tractor units that the freight forwarding and logistics company, Duvenbeck, has welcomed into its fleet. The new vehicle is a so-called “low deck” tractor unit. “Low deck” means that it can only haul trailers with an interior loading height of three metres due to its low chassis height. These trailers, which are described as mega trailers, are particularly efficient and suitable for services in the automobile industry, because they enable the space to be fully used in the best possible way. The low-deck tractor unit is based on the MID CAB model in Volvo’s FM range of vehicles. It has been electrified by the Volvo subsidiary, Designwerk Technologies, which has its headquarters in Switzerland and provided by the commercial vehicle supplier Greiwing Truck & Trailer.

Duvenbeck is using the vehicle for highly productive shuttle services for selected customers in the automobile industry – for example, between Herne in Germany and Ghent in Belgium. The battery-powered version is the first low-deck tractor unit that Duvenbeck is using for long-distance services in Germany.

“We’re taking another step towards electrifying our fleet by using the battery-powered electric tractor unit. In our role as a logistics partner for the automobile industry, we’ll support our customers’ transformation process towards e-mobility by providing even more electrical and eco-friendly transport services for goods in future,” says Bernd Reining, the Fleet Manager at Duvenbeck, explaining the latest development.

“The new low-deck electric truck has already demonstrated its suitability for long-distance services during the last few weeks. If the battery is charged to a level of 340 kilowatt hours, the vehicle is able to travel up to 275 kilometres – even when fully loaded. When used in conjunction with the suitable charging infrastructure, this electric truck is making a marketready and long-term contribution to reducing environmentally-damaging emissions in our customers’ transport networks,” says Robert Frehen, the Chief of Staff at Duvenbeck, adding his comments.

Photo 1: In long-distance service for Duvenbeck for the first time: a battery-powered low-deck tractor unit based on the MID CAB model in Volvo’s FM range of vehicles. (Photo: Duvenbeck)

Photo 2: More tractor units for moving goods using electric power: Duvenbeck’s Fleet Manager, Bernd Reining (photo: Duvenbeck)

Photo 3: Battery-powered low-deck trucks are a market-ready product: Robert Frehen, Chief of Staff at Duvenbeck (photo: Duvenbeck)

About Duvenbeck
The Duvenbeck corporate group is a logistics firm that operates on the international stage and offers the complete range of services. Duvenbeck is one of the leading logistics companies in Europe with more than 6,000 employees working at over 33 business sites in eight different countries. The firm, which was founded in 1932, is a full-service logistics company specialising in the lead logistics, freight forwarding, third-party logistics segments and it also offers cross-docking, sequencing and trailer yard services. Duvenbeck has its own fleet of 1,500 vehicles and they are mainly used to serve wellknown customers in the industrial logistics sector, including the automobile, consumer goods, plastics and agricultural vehicle industries.

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