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240 F 395146360 o6aRJK37RDlQZ5vOxn1FevWcybIBDK0rWe are committed to promoting green logistics! Logistics, storage, and technological progress are not compatible with sustainable solutions? We prove the opposite!

Because from the very beginning, emission reduction has played a central role for us as a leading green logistics company. We are aware that transport and logistics can have a significant impact on the environment. That's why we continuously work to improve our processes and introduce new technologies to reduce emissions. For example, with our modern fleet and our fleet of electric vehicles, we rely on environmentally friendly alternatives and are proud to offer our customers a sustainable transport solution.

Therefore, one of our main focuses is on promoting green logistics. We see this not only as a commitment to our environment but also as an opportunity to offer our customers versatile advantages within their network. By optimizing our supply chains in advance, reducing empty trips and environmental impacts, we can not only protect the climate but also save costs and improve the efficiency of our processes.

But we not only place great emphasis on sustainable implementation in transport. We also continuously strive for climate-friendly solutions at each of Duvenbeck's individual storage locations - for example, by using LED lighting and by efficiently purchasing machines and equipment. We also plan to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our warehouses to reduce harmful emissions and be able to benefit extensively from clean energy in the future.

We know that sustainability is a long-term commitment and therefore strive for continuous improvement. We work closely with our customers to develop customized sustainable solutions and minimize the ecological footprint of our transport and logistics services.

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duvenbeck d smallDo you want to work with us to achieve your sustainability goals? Then contact us today so that we can discuss your individual options!


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