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The logistics specialist takes over the Dutch company, Schotpoort Logistics

Bocholt / Eerbeek (NL), 23 February 2024 - The logistics company, Duvenbeck, is expanding its network to include the Benelux region. The agreement to take over the Dutch transport and logistics company, Schotpoort Logistics, was signed on 19 February 2024. The arrangement is still subject to approval by the cartel authorities. The family-owned company, which has its headquarters in Eerbeek near Arnhem, specialises in transport, warehousing, contract and project logistics.

Schotpoort Logistics' main customers include manufacturers in the paper and packaging industry as well as firms in the consumer goods and solar sectors. The company also manages more than 70,000 square metres of warehouse space. In addition to the company’s headquarters in Eerbeek near Arnhem, these facilities are spread across the Netherlands, ranging from Hoogezand near Groningen in the north to Best near Eindhoven in the south. The company’s fleet, which includes sub-contractors, consists of 120 units. The company also has a branch in Lithuania. As a result of the takeover, all 180 employees at Schotpoort Logistics will join Duvenbeck.

Duvenbeck was founded in 1932 and headquartered in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company now has 40 locations in 11 countries. Duvenbeck is a full-service logistics provider in the areas of conception, transportation and contract logistics. The company also offers cross-docking, sequencing and traileryards. Duvenbeck has its own fleet of 1600 trucks, which are primarily used for automotive and industrial customers as well as the agricultural vehicle industry.

With this expansion, Duvenbeck is continuing its internationalization strategy, which it has set up together with its majority owner Waterland, and is expanding its core competences and customer segments through this new cooperation.

"By acquiring Schotpoort Logistics, we’re gaining access to a region that plays a central role in the implementation of our growth strategy. Thanks to its proximity to the seaports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, Schotpoort Logistics will enable us to expand our import and export logistics activities and tap into additional customer sectors in the Far East and Europe," says Hakan Bicil, the CEO of Duvenbeck, explaining this latest development.

Schotpoort was founded in 1934 and was previously owned by the family with the same name. The Managing Director, Fred Schotpoort, comments, "By coming under the Duvenbeck umbrella, we can continue developing our logistics solutions and at the same time benefit from the strong market position of a logistics company that is active throughout Europe. An additional advantage for both companies is that our service portfolio in the Netherlands fits perfectly into Duvenbeck's growth strategy."

Photo 1: The headquarters of Schotpoort Logistics is located in Eerbeek in the Netherlands (photo: Schotpoort)

Hakan Bicil
Photo 2: Hakan Bicil, the CEO of Duvenbeck (photo: Duvenbeck)

Fred Schotpoort
Photo 3: Fred Schotpoort, the Managing Director of Schotpoort Logistics (photo: Schotpoort)


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