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New branch in Hegyeshalom

Whether north-south or east-west, all traffic axes in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) pass through the small Hungarian town of Hegyeshalom. The town can be found on the border with Austria and only 500 metres from the M1 and M15 motorways. A railway hub, Hegyeshalom is located 20 km from the Danube River and directly on the supply routes for Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. And from now on, it’s also a new branch of the Duvenbeck CEE organisation.

“Jó napot” means “Good day” in Hungarian. And it truly was a good day when Duvenbeck decided to set up its new Eastern European headquarters right here in Hegyeshalom, directly on the Hungarian-Austrian border. Since 2014, excavators have been rolling into the 12 ha plot. The start of the construction was preceded by extensive examinations and analyses, from the condition of the soil and environmental criteria, to questions of high water and infrastructure and an intensive exchange with the local government. All enquiries received such positive results that a large-scale project for Duvenbeck wasquickly ready to be launched: with 10,000 m2 of cross-docking area for our sundry clients – and doubling this capacity is already under consideration. It is where Duvenbeck is building its new CEE headquarters, an office building for scheduling all Central and Eastern Europe traffic and billing and a petrol station which will also be open to the public. A workshop for three shifts will also be present, including a washing system for the over 500 Duvenbeck trucks in the region. Not to mention parking space for more than 100 trucks.

This is a cultural achievement of an international scale which will establish connections and ensure the long-term competitiveness of the Duvenbeck Group in Central and Eastern Europe. A good day to Hegyeshalom!