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New location Zwickau (Germany)

In February of this year the Duvenbeck Logistics Europe GmbH (DLE) began the occupation with the new branch at the logistics and industrial estate in Zwickau.

In a hall with an expanse of 6,000 m² at the area “metaWERK Zwickau” logistics services for the local automotive supplier industry are in progress. This includes apart to the transport and the shuttle service warehousing, commissioning together with repackaging, pre-assemblies, sequencing, JIT / JIS supplies and also empties management. Until 2015 the continuing expansion of the location and the takeover of more orders in the direct setting of the automotive suppliers is planned.

The construction and the operative administration of the new branch Zwickau is headed responsibly by Alexandra Saalwächter and her team.

“With this new settlement the attractiveness of the location Zwickau and also of the range of services of metaWERK is shown again”, enjoys the metaWERK chairman Dr. Michael Siebdrath and all at once he announces the continuing expansion of the metaWERK location that year. “The advance of the region as a leading automotive region in Europe is fixed and the competitiveness of the location Zwickau is more strengthened“, said Siebdrath.

Michael Wittenburg, managing director of the Duvenbeck Logistics Europe GmbH, accentuates the faithful cooperation that enabled the successful negotiation and the flexible implementation of the structures of the cooperation between the Duvenbeck accompanied suppliers companies, the automobile manufacturers and metaWERK as a local service provider and as a property owner within a few weeks. That’s why the new location already could come on line as of 18th February 2014“. “If we react to the challenge of the market like this, it is an invincible win-win situation for everyone: customers, employees and also location partners”, emphasizes Wittenburg.