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Gerolsteiner extends contract with Duvenbeck

Beverage logistics

Gerolsteiner extends contract with Duvenbeck

The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG recently extended its contract with the Duvenbeck Group as its general shipping agent by another five years. Gerolsteiner and Duvenbeck are planning to further expand their collaboration in the future and are building on their strong, successful partnership.

Since 2010, Duvenbeck has been responsible for all the outgoing shipments of this globally active mineral water producer. Duvenbeck’s vehicle fleet, which has been switched over to Euro 6, regularly manages a volume of over 100 truck loads per workday. The total amount of transported goods has been growing continuously since 2010 and is of a rather volatile nature. Depending on weather conditions and national holidays, demand can vary significantly. The fleet used by Duvenbeck is optimised both for weight (up to 26.5 t) and volume (120 m³).

To optimise the coordination of its extensive services, Duvenbeck has set up its own shipping office in Gerolstein right on the company’s premises. Duvenbeck has created an entire range of quality assurance measures in order to meet Gerolsteiner‘s high quality standards. Such important criteria include, for instance, deadline compliance, the drivers’ good manners and handling of their trucks, as well as flawless empties management. 

The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is the provider of the most widely bought mineral water brand in the German market. As Germany’s largest mineral water exporter, Gerolsteiner also sells its products worldwide. Among its export countries are Japan, the US and the Benelux countries.The company provides all the relevant mineral water segments with a variety of different packaging options.

Pressekontakte: Pia Duvenbeck (Duvenbeck Unternehmensgruppe), Marcus Walter (KfdM – Kommunikation für den Mittelstand)