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Duvenbeck donates € 5,000

The money is definited for the booster club of the Bischof-Ketteler school.

BOCHOLT (vdl). The company Duvenbeck presents the booster club of the Bischof-Ketteler school with a cheque for € 5,000.

The company relinquished to give Christmas presents to it’s customers, like in previous year, too. So Duvenbeck donates the money.
“We want to support deliberately a society or an institution from Bocholt or from the region. We, as a local company, see this as our responsability“, said Pia Duvenbeck, who condacts the marketing department.

Markus Terwege, the chairman of the booster club, and Rainer Hardes, the head of the Bischof-Ketteler school, are very happy about the donation. “We want to use the money to improve the leisure activities of our pupils”, said Hardes. There are already ideas. „But it is not yet specific“, said the head of the special-needs school. 

Source: Bocholter Borkener Volksblatt, 22.01.2014