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Duvenbeck moves into the new "Kulturzentrale"

Opening ceremony

'Experience the Culture of Logistics' – Opening ceremony with around 200 guests, following a construction period of only seven months - Efficient technical facilities save 12 tonnes of CO2 a year – Expert, surprising guest speakers.

Bocholt, 30 October 2012 – The Duvenbeck Group held an opening ceremony for the recently constructed administrative centre at Ruhrallee 7 in Bocholt (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) attended by around 200 guests. The three-storey building gives the 120 employees of the headquarter 2,500 square metres of available space. The design of the interior and exterior was uniformly oriented towards the company's mission statement and allows you to experience 'The Culture of Logistics' at first hand. Accordingly, the conference and discussion areas have names such as 'concert hall', 'music room' or 'photo studio'. The pictures hanging in the corridors and offices focus on portraits of the employees and images of the now 30 Duvenbeck sites in eight countries. The company operates in Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. "The new headquarter unites the cultures of all these countries under one roof," explained Marketing Manager Pia Duvenbeck during her opening speech.

However, the design of the new building is also primarily based on energy efficiency. The large, glazed offices are heated by air and aerothermal processes. Compared to conventional technology, the modern technical facilities of the building, which do not use gas and oil, enable an annual saving of 12 tonnes of CO2.

Its construction took only seven months. Not only the huge effort made by the employees, construction companies and builders but also the town of Bocholt have contributed to the success of the building. Submitted on 21 November 2011, the application for the building permit was approved as early as 3 February 2012. "As a company we can sense that we are welcome in Bocholt," emphasised Thomas Duvenbeck who has managed the family business for 20 years and represents the third generation of the family. The logistics services provider did not move its headquarters to Bocholt until seven years ago, when it was welcomed with 'open arms', not always something you can count on in the transport business.

The slogan of the festive programme for the opening ceremony was 'Welcome to the cultural centre' and the event provided not only culinary and musical delights and expert presentations, but also excellent entertainment: Matthias Braun from Volkswagen Logistics GmbH explained the global logistics of the Volkswagen Group and stressed the economic importance of logistics to an automobile manufacturer by referring to its share in the total cost of a vehicle, between 200 and 2,000 Euros, depending on production site and model.

Hubertus Troska, Executive Vice President of Daimler Trucks, gave his own entertaining and highly individual presentation entitled 'Starke Partnerschaften, starke Ergebnisse' (strong partnerships, good results). According to Troska, the long-lasting partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Duvenbeck was marked by a strong sense of trust.

The guest presentation entitled 'Hundred percent customer satisfaction with the HDLKR method' (abbreviation of the German version of the 'hundred percent customer satisfaction method', see below) proved to be a complete surprise. The speaker introduced himself as 'Dr. Hubert Steinfeld'. However, various gaffes soon exposed his real identity as a professional stand-up comedian. By inserting jokes, such as the video welcome from Lisbon in an authentic Portuguese accent, 'Dr. Steinfeld' had laughter on his side. After an entertaining talk lasting 30 minutes, which had an underlying meaning, the audience also knew what lay behind the abbreviation 'HDLKR': 'Hauptsache, die Lieferung kommt rechtzeitig' (The priority is ensuring that products arrive on time).

An individual journey of discovery round the whole building heralded the closing evening programme. Finally, the opening of the 'Kulturzentrale' ended with live music, many conversations and a good meal.

The Duvenbeck Group is a medium-sized logistics services provider operating primarily in both the automotive and automotive supplier industries, and the plastics and drink industries. Duvenbeck and its customers create innovative und efficient concepts for sustainable logistics. As company owner, Thomas Duvenbeck (46) already represents the third generation of the traditional, owner-managed family business. As early as 1992 Duvenbeck identified the growth opportunities in automotive logistics, and oriented the business that at the time employed 50 staff consistently in that direction.

Today the group has about 3,000 employees who will earn sales revenues totalling around 320 million Euros this year. The largest share of the revenues comes from the transport business that manages 1,000 and 1,540 towing and towed vehicles, and 900 swap trailers. Duvenbeck is represented in eight countries, which have 30 of their own sites altogether. Besides Germany the company operates in Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Press contacts: Pia Duenbeck (Duvenbeck Unternehmensgruppe), Marcus Walter (KfdM – Kommunikation für den Mittelstand,)