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Duvenbeck drivers are loyal

Logistics services

A successful personal concept results in a low fluctuation and a high satisfaction among the Drivers

In view of the high demands on the commercial drivers, such as tight timeframes, crowded parkings and overallocated streets, the logistics service company Duvenbeck has developed a driver-focused personal concept. That’s why the owner-managed company cares for a high satisfaction among their employees. The measures package contains the permanent advanced training at the Duvenbeck-Acadmey, comfortable workwear and a modern and safe vehicle fleet with more than 1,300 neat truck-cockpits. The punctual and reliable payment is self-evidently for a company of this dimension. Furthermore, the solid pattern of finance and the cardboard hierarchies of the fast-growing family owned company, care for a pleasant working atmosphere with reliable contact persons. The good predictability of the predominant fixed tours simplifies the compliance of the driving time and the periods of rest and so it reduces the stress of the drivers obviously.

“Satisfied drivers are a substantial part of our strategy”, Thomas Duvenbeck - the owner - explains. That’s because the biggest part of the company proceeds is earned by transportation.
Finally, the personal manner and the motivation of each employee at the wheel decides of the success. “Over here every human is well treated, I guarantee for this”, said Thomas Duvenbeck. A very low rate of fluctuation and a big loyality of his drivers to the company admits that he is right.

The generous commerce with the education and the advanced training is based on the own academy of Duvenbeck. The course offer extend from the education as a commercial driver (IHK) about the five modules of the commercial driver qualification (BKrFQG) to the education as a forklift driver. Seminaries for load restraint, eco-trainings with defined reference routes and guidances on the subject of the driving time, the periods of rest and also the commerce with the digital tachograph round off the practical program.  

To satisfy the demands to the quality of the own drivers and the demands by law of the BKrFQG, the Duvenbeck group hires already 15 driver-trainers. The success is manifested in an obvious reduced mileage of diesel.

The Duvenbeck Group is a medium-sized logistics service provider with a focus on the automotive, synthetic materials, beverage sectors and agricultural automotive. Together with its customers, Duvenbeck develops innovative, efficient concepts for sustainable logistics services. As managing partner and CEO, Thomas Duvenbeck (47) represents the third generation of this long-standing, family-owned- and operated company. As early as 1992, Duvenbeck recognized the opportunities for growth offered by the automotive logistics area, consistently steering the company – then with some 50 employees – towards todays size and service level.

Today, the group counts more than 4,000 employees and generated a turnover of around 350 million euros in 2012. The largest portion of its revenue stems from the forwarding area with its over 1,200 own trucks. Besides Germany, the company is active in Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

Information on www.duvenbeck.de.

Interview with Wilhelm Nieleck, commercial driver of the Duvenbeck Group

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