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We have consistently geared our corporate culture towards the needs of our customers. And created logical connections between...

Engineering and operations
  • … to know what is actually possible as early as the planning stage.
  • … to give every project a solid, carefully thought out foundation.
  • … to ensure success in advance.
Stability and strength
  • … which arise from the company’s size and solid, financial basis.
  • … which enable reliable decisions.
  • … which provide long-term security.
Entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • … which was shaped by and is put into practice by the owner.
  • … which is continued at every branch and practiced locally.
Local presence and international network
  • … which guarantees proximity to the customer.
  • … whose combination is becoming increasingly important as nowadays more than 60% of group
         turnover is generated outside of Germany.
  • … which enables flexibility and opens up new markets to customers.
Conservative values and innovative ambition
  • … values such as trust, down-to-earthness and loyalty.
  • … as a solid basis for new ideas and future success.
  • … as reliable variables for our customers and long-term relationships.