Partnership at eye level!

The logistics company, Duvenbeck, and Schmitz Cargobull have been working together for more than 15 years. They have jointly developed the S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer, and Duvenbeck is so impressed with the TrailerConnect® telematics system CTU that it is now equipping its entire trailer fleet with it.

Duvenbeck was particularly impressed with the benefits of trailer telematics, and now not only relies on the TrailerConnect® system CTU for new vehicles but is also retrofitting all trailers in its existing fleet with the Schmitz Cargobull trailer telematics solution, regardless of the make of vehicle. This is huge project given that around 1,500 trailers have to be retrofitted. The work is facilitated by the simple installation of the TrailerConnect® control unit: “We are performing the retrofit in our own workshops and should complete it as quickly as possible,” affirms fleet manager Bernd Reining.

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