Duvenbeck relies on LNG trucks
From Antwerp to St. Valentin:
Four trucks running on liquid natural gas
Fewer pollutants, long range, quiet operation: The Duvenbeck group of companies also tested the use of liquid natural gas LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a possible truck drive technology - with an extremely positive conclusion. After initial test runs, four LNG vehicles are now in use for plant transport between Antwerp and St. Valentin (945 km) for a well-known customer in the agricultural sector. 

Reducing emissions and noise
"This sustainable drive technology has potential for regional and long-distance transport and contributes to the reduction of CO2", is also the positive conclusion of Christian Rosenberger, Head of Sales CEE, who has been particularly active in the group of companies for the commissioning of the first LNG trucks. "In a direct comparison, LNG can save up to 15% CO2, noise pollution can be reduced by up to 50% and virtually no particulate matter is produced," Rosenberger continues. These are important factors that further promote and support the Duvenbeck goal of sustainability.

Although the use of LNG trucks has certainly increased throughout Europe, the network of LNG filling stations can still be expanded. The trucks used by the Duvenbeck Group use one filling station in Austria and one in Belgium.