Certification DIN EN 16258 - Climate-friendly logistics!
Certification DIN EN 16258 - Climate-friendly logistics
The Duvenbeck Group is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed certification to DIN EN 16258. The standard certifies a uniform calculation of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during transport services.
A distinction is made between direct and indirect emissions. During the well-to-tank calculation (source to tank), indirect emissions are recorded through the fuel consumption of all energy sources (also called pre-chain). The tank-to-wheel calculation (source to steering wheel) involves the direct emissions caused by vehicle operation. If both sums are shown together, the result is the complete CO2 emission of a transport service.
In addition to a transparent presentation, this also makes it possible to identify potential savings in order to reduce energy and raw material costs. Furthermore, the standard functions as an instrument to optimise the management system and its processes as a whole - always in the sense of continuous improvement.